Water Communication Retrofit

Click "play" on the video below to hear a special message from Walker Hinshaw with Lumiere, Sterling Ranch's Technology Provider, about some exciting technology updates happening soon to the equipment within your home.

Through the next few months, Sterling Ranch residents will be required to schedule a date and time to perform some necessary upgrades in your homes to streamline communication between your water meter and our billing systems at the Community Authority Board.

The upgrade will include installation of new equipment required for transmitting water usage data for billing and will provide your STEWARD Home Automation System with some enhanced features, including:

  • Enhanced utility monitoring, with personal cloud-based viewing of usage and history
  • Enhanced integration access to the HomeSeer control system, which act as the brains of the STEWARD system
  • New connected water shut-off valves

This upgrade will also include the removal of the STEWARD System VPN and replacement with an updated encryption.

During this upgrade, it may be necessary to trip several circuit breakers to determine which breaker controls the power to the device. We suggest minimizing your “work-at-home” tasks, which may be impacted by a short-term loss of internet.

During the upgrades, the technician will need adequate access to work around the water meter panel, as well as the Steward panel located in your garage or basement. These areas should be clear of any storage to allow the technician to work freely without causing damage or unnecessary constraints. Please leave at least four to five feet of open space around these areas.

The technician will need the following to complete the work:

  • STEWARD login credentials
  • Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Access to the admin portal of your CenturyLink ONT/modem/router
  • Access to a homeowner email account to register upgraded devices

Please be prepared to provide this information to the technician. If you would prefer not to share your usernames and passwords, please be ready to input your credentials for the technician at the necessary times.

To keep everyone safe, the technician will create a “Controlled Access Zone” around the electrical panel while they are working, and will place a sign requesting that the area remain un-occupied while they complete their work. Please be prepared to stay out of this identified “Controlled Access Zone” and keep any children or pets who might be home out of the area as well.

The entire process should take a few hours to complete, depending upon the accuracy of the information provided to the technician and barring any unforeseen circumstances. Your assistance in preparing the work areas and login information in advance will greatly help reduce the time needed to complete the upgrade.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

More info will be available in the coming months. If you have a question that absolutely can’t wait, please email help@lumierefiber.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these equipment upgrades required?

Yes. New technology has recently come available that will significantly improve the consistency of transmission of water meter data to the water billing system. For the community to properly adopt this technology, all homes need to be using the same system. With thousands more homes coming in the next few decades, it is important for the community to adopt this new technology now instead of waiting for even more homes to come online with the current technology.


Who will be performing the work?

A Siemens technician will be performing the work in your home. Siemens is a critical technology partner for Sterling Ranch and their technicians are some of the best in the business.


How long will the equipment upgrades take?

Once the Siemens technician arrives at your home, the equipment upgrades should take approximately 2 hours.


Will I be able to use internet while the upgrade is taking place?

The technician will need to shut off a circuit breaker to perform necessary electrical work. If your internet is utilizing that same circuit breaker, you will not be able to access the internet for approximately 45 minutes while electrical work is being performed. Because of this, we strongly recommend not scheduling critical tasks that will require internet access or VoIP phone use during your service window.


What can I do to prepare?

In order minimize the time required, prior to the technician’s arrival please clear adequate space (at least 3 sq. ft.) around your water meter panel, electrical breaker box, and STEWARD equipment. This equipment is typically located in the basement. If you do not have a basement, the equipment is typically located in the garage.


What information should I be ready to share?

Please be prepared to provide your STEWARD login credentials and your Wi-Fi network name and password to the technician. If you have changed the default login to your CenturyLink ONT/modem’s admin portal, please be prepared to provide that information as well. If you would prefer not to share this information, please be prepared to input your credentials for the technician at the necessary times.

If you do not know your STEWARD login credentials, visit the Lumiere website at https://lumiere.technology/knowledge-base/i-dont-know-my-login-credentials/


Why are you removing the VPN hardware?

The VPN hardware was previously necessary to ensure proper encryption of water meter information during transmission to the water billing system. This is no longer the case as we are now able to use an alternate encryption method. We plan to remove the VPN hardware by default as removing it simplifies the network configuration within the home. However, if you feel strongly about keeping your VPN hardware, we will allow you to keep it.