Steward System

A personal assistant that connects devices and manages automated commands, STEWARD is the next generation of home technology, developed exclusively for Sterling Ranch. STEWARD is designed to enhance your lifestyle, help you decrease your environmental footprint, increase your security, and strengthen your connection to the community. Your STEWARD system can be enhanced to work with voice control, smart thermostats, door locks, garage doors, security cameras, and more.

Contact to learn more about these enhanced features and our upgrade package offerings.

If you need assistance with your STEWARD system please utilize the STEWARD the Lumiere frequently asked questions document below.

Lumiere Frequently Asked Questions


Sterling Ranch has partnered with CenturyLink to provide you instant access to the internet via the CenturyLink ON program. Below is an Internet Activation guide with instructions for activating your internet. You can be up and running on the internet in just a few minutes!

Is you internet not working at all? Call the CenturyLink ON help number 866-872-0238. (Please note this number is different than the general CenturyLink customer service number)

For further assistance, please fill out a help ticket using the button below.

Sterling Ranch Internet Activation Guide

Internet Help Guide