The Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board is committed to providing the highest quality tap water and reliable services to our residents. Sterling Ranch is part of a new approach to create a regionally integrated, comprehensive water system with a robust, reliable and renewable water supply. Dominion Water & Sanitation District and Sterling Ranch CAB have constructed a state-of-the-art water system, including a joint treatment facility with Roxborough Water and Sanitation District, the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant. It is the first treatment plant in Colorado to receive 100 percent of its initial disinfection credits from Ultra Violet (UV) light and provides Sterling Ranch with clean, healthy water.

Dominion Water & Sanitation District has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for being a WaterSense Partner by practicing and promoting water efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions about water

Where does the water come from?

Sterling Ranch water is provided by Dominion Water & Sanitation District, a wholesale water district serving Northwest Douglas County. Dominion has contracts for permanent water delivery from Aurora Water, from the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) project, and from Castle Rock to meet water demands. Today, our water from contracts with the City of Aurora is delivered directly to the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant, a facility jointly funded by Dominion and Roxborough Water and Sanitation District.

What does the monthly fixed fee include?

The rate structure includes a fixed monthly water service availability charge. The CAB rates are generally higher than many of the neighboring utilities, and does not include a mill levy component that many neighboring utilities use to fund capital projects. However, many of these neighboring providers are older, established enterprises who rely on nonrenewable water supplies. The CAB rates are based on developing a renewable water system from inception. It is likely water rates for neighboring utilities will continue to rise at a faster rate than those of the CAB due to the costs of obtaining and developing renewable water supplies.

How are my indoor water usage tiers established?

A homeowner’s individualized indoor water budget is structured on an average winter consumption (AWC) to determine the tier 1 threshold. The AWC is determined by averaging the customer's actual indoor water use for the months of December, January, and February. The AWC is reset annually to allow for life changes. The tier 1 minimum threshold for residential homes is a minimum of 4,000 gallons per month and a maximum of 6,000 gallons per month. Accounts without an AWC history will be assigned 6,000    gallons per month as an initial AWC.

Why are outdoor water rates slightly higher than indoor water rates?

The water rates are structured to recover system costs. Outdoor water rates were designed to encourage water-wise irrigation practices. Outdoor water use increases the demand on our water system, and therefore the operational costs of our facilities. Additionally, when water is used outdoors it is fully consumed and not returned to the system.

How do I move into higher tiers each month?

The first tier of fee rates per 1,000 gallons applies to the use of up to 100% of the customer’s water budget. The tier fee rate per 1,000 gallons for use over 100% of the water budget increases based upon the amount over 100% that is used by that customer. Water used during the establishment period (45 days following the installation of turf and plant material) will be billed at the first tier fee rate, and will not count against the water budget.

How can I monitor my water usage each month?

STEWARD, your home automation system, is connected to the water meters in your home, and can show your water use in real time. This allows you to monitor where you are in relation to your water budget, and to set alerts when you are approaching your water budget each month.




Included in your monthly CAB Bill are fees for trash and recycling service. These services are provided by Waste Connection

Trash pickup occurs every Monday, and recycling pickup occurs every other Monday. Make sure to place bins outside by 7:00am in order for trash pickup.

Waste Connection Recycling Calendar 2019-2020-2021

Waste Connection Recycling Tips



Sterling Ranch has private community streetlights with smart technology to maintain the safety and security of the community.


Lennar's Elements homes include a shared driveway that is maintained by the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board. Driveway maintenance includes snow removal and general maintenance.



Q. What are the CAB service fees and when are they due?
A. The CAB Services Fees are reoccurring static fees that every unit owner is obligated to pay. CAB Services are billed quarterly and include storm water ($45.75), trash ($40.95), streetlights ($24.00) and for the Lennar Elements, driveway maintenance ($47.40).
Q. Why did we switch administrators for the CAB Service Fee billing?
A. Last fall it was determined that the Fees would be administered quarterly through the current water and sewer fee administrator, Clifton, Larson, Allen (CLA). CCMC is the management company that is hired to perform homeowner association functions like Design Review administration, Compliance and other customer service functions. CCMC, is efficient in homeowner billing and as a part of their contract with the CAB, can bill these reoccurring fixed fees for the CAB under its current contract.
Q. That sounds good for the CAB but now the homeowners need to monitor two bills vs just one. 
A. Switching to CCMC comes with advantages such as e-statements which reduces paper and fits into our sustainability values and payment options. The payment options such as direct debit, electronic checks and pay by credit card. The credit card option is the only one that is charged a processing fee. A resident can also pay with a check and physically mail it to the address provided, just like with the previous administrator.
Q. We just sent in our second quarter CAB services bill in June and now the 3rd quarter bill is due in July, Why so soon?
A. As stated previously, the CAB Services Fee is due quarterly which is January, April, July and October. Because the previous administrator billed the CAB Service Fees with the Water/Sewer fees the bills always came in arrears ( i.e. April water/sewer bill was billed in May and it was due in June). The third quarter CAB Services was billed in June for July payment. Your 4th quarter CAB Services bill will not be due until October 1st.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition. If you have any further questions please contact