Parks & Open Space Policies

Parks and Open Spaces are for the enjoyment of the Sterling Ranch Community. Preservation of natural beauty and safety is dependent on the efforts of all users. The policies are designed to ensure each resident has the same quality experience while enjoying the Sterling Ranch facilities. Together, we can maintain a safe and clean environment for all to enjoy.


Section 11.01 Parks and Open Space Rules

A. The control of dogs in Parks and Open Space is regulated by Douglas County Resolutions R-998-100 and R- 999-177, as may be amended, and is punishable as set forth in the applicable resolutions.

B. Dog owners must leash and have physical control of their dog(s) at all times. Dog owners shall pick up and dispose of dog’s excrement.

C. Motorized vehicles are prohibited in parks, trails, and open space as defined in Section 11.04.

D. Glass containers, littering, dumping and misuse of public property are prohibited.

E. Fires are permitted within charcoal burning grills provided at park shelters, or within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled grills/stoves on CAB or District owned or managed developed park sites and parking lots when no fire restrictions apply.


1. Firearms are defined as any pistol, revolver, rifle, or other weapon of any description from which a shot, projectile, arrow or bullet may be discharged. This includes and is not limited to compressed air guns, CO2 and battery operated guns, BB guns, pellet guns, air soft pellet guns, paintball guns, and slingshots.

2. Archery equipment is defined as any bow includes, but not limited to, a crossbow, longbow or compound bow, which shoots arrows or other projectiles.

3. Model rockets and airplanes are defined as any craft that is propelled off the ground by a gas or electric engine, CO2, compressed air or any other form of power. Only model gliders propelled by humans and airplanes propelled by elastic bands are permitted.

G. Parks and open space are open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.

H. Hitting golf balls in or into CAB, Dominion or District owned or managed property is prohibited.

I. Amplified sound systems are prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by the CAB.

J. Disorderly conduct as defined in Section 18-9-106, C.R.S. is prohibited.

K. Relocating or releasing animals, fish, birds or insects on CAB, Dominion or District owned or managed property is prohibited.

L. Fishing is permitted in CAB ponds and is governed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s fishing regulations. CAB, Dominion and District owned and managed ponds and water bodies are regulated by both statewide rules and the CAB’s posted site rules.

M. Harassment of wildlife as defined in Section 33-6-128, C.R.S. is prohibited. All of this statute is incorporated herein except subsection (3)

1. Possessing fireworks, firearms, archery equipment, model rockets and airplanes on any CAB owned or managed properties is prohibited, except as provided by Section 18-12-201, C.R.S., et seq.
2. Firing or shooting any firearm or archery equipment in or into any CAB, Dominion or District owned or managed properties is prohibited.
3. Swimming or the use of watercraft and or floatation devices is prohibited. Use of model, or remote controlled toy boats on CAB, Dominion or District owned ponds and open water may not interfere with, or disturb fish, wildlife and fishing activities.

G. Parks and open space are open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.


Section 11.02 Land Use Rules – Open Space

A. Motorized vehicles are not permitted in open space. Private property may not be accessed through CAB or District open space.

B. Dumping and littering of any kind is prohibited. This includes grass clippings, sod, soil, trash, debris, landscape materials, and dog waste.

C. Recreation amenities such as playgrounds, tetherball, volley ball courts, ball fields, trampolines, horseshoe pits, tree houses, rope swings and archery ranges not constructed by the CAB or Districts are prohibited.

D. Extended Landscaping: Mowing and weed whipping is permitted between the residential fence line and the outer edge of the CAB’s mow line. Improvements including: irrigation, landscape materials, shrub and tree planting, gardening, structure of any kind or retaining walls are prohibited on CAB, Dominion or District owned or managed properties. Tree and shrub growth extending onto CAB, Dominion or District owned or managed property that interferes with maintenance practices is prohibited.

E. Storage or staging of any type of equipment or materials is prohibited.

F. Dog Off-Leash Areas (DOLA’s) hours are from 7:00 A.M. until sunset year-round.

G. Damage or misuse of CAB, Dominion or District property is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to applying herbicide, digging and erosion caused by drainage from adjacent property.


Section 11.03 Fence Rules

A. Owners of property adjacent to fences maintained by the CAB shall not place any landscaping or other materials in such a manner as to cause damage to the CAB’s fence. The CAB may remove any such materials as provided in Section 11.07 hereof.

B. Any person causing any damage to any fence maintained by the CAB shall promptly repair such damage.


Section 11.04 Operation of Motorized Vehicles and Equipment

The operation of any motorized vehicle or equipment on or through parks and open space owned and maintained by the CAB or Districts is prohibited except for the following:
A. CAB and Dominion service vehicles and equipment.

B. Law enforcement, fire, rescue, and emergency vehicles and equipment, including the Douglas County Sheriff, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and Animal Welfare.

C. Vehicles and equipment operated at the direction of public agencies, such as the Denver Water Board, the City of Aurora, Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Douglas County Department of Public Works, when being used by such entities to install or maintain facilities located in their easements or rights-of-way.

D. Vehicles and equipment operated by contractors of the CAB or Dominion provided the contractor has obtained an access permit from the CAB or Dominion, as appropriate.

E. Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices are permitted subject to the following:

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD’s)
Not a wheelchair as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Part 35.
Electric Powered;
Electric Personal Assistance Mobility Devices (EPAMD’s)
EPAMD’s are permitted to operate on concrete trails and crusher fine trails over 8 feet in width maintained by the CAB and are restricted to the following:
EPAMD’s cannot:
 Carry more than 1 person
 Exceed 200 pounds
 Excel 36” maximum width
 Exceed speed of 15 MPH
EPAMD’s are permitted to operate in Parks and Open Space on:
1. Concrete trails
2. Crusher fine trails at least 8 feet in width.
EPAMD’s are not permitted to operate:
1. In park shelters
2. In CAB buildings
3. Off designated trails
Fuel Powered – (internal combustion engines)
Fuel Powered OPDMD’s are not permitted to operate in parks and open space, and facilities owned or managed by the CAB.


Section 11.06 Violations of Article 11

Violations any of the provisions of Article 11 of the Rules or Regulations are Class misdemeanors punishable by a fine from $50.00 to $750.00 or six months imprisonment or both, as provided in §18-9-117 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.


Section 11.07 Other Remedies of the CAB

A. Any violation of Sections 11.02 (B - F) and 11.03 (A) and (B) adjacent to private property shall be deemed to have been placed by the owner of the adjacent property and that property owner shall be responsible for the correction of the violation.
B. In addition to any penalties provided by the Colorado Revised Statutes, the CAB may correct violations of Sections 11.02 (B), (C), (D), (E) and 11.03 at the expense of the responsible party.
C. Prior to correcting any violation, the CAB shall give the party responsible 10 days written notice.
D. In the event the CAB corrects any such violation, the responsible party shall be assessed a fee equal to the amount required to correct the violation plus 20% for administrative expenses. Any such fee shall be collected by the CAB as provided in Section 9.02.
E. Any party aggrieved by this section may appeal as provided in Section 8.07.


Section 11.08 Temporary Access to Park and Open Space

Any person working on CAB property must obtain a Temporary Access Permit. A Temporary Access Permit Application must be completed and submitted to the CAB.

Providence Village Pet Stations

Residents of Sterling Ranch are responsible for picking up after their pets when enjoying the beautiful community open space and trails. The CAB has installed numerous pet waste stations to assist residents with keeping the community clean. Please click the link to find the closest pet stations near you when on a walk!