Design Review Process

The application of appropriate design principles creates community good will and establishes visually pleasing aesthetics for all residents and visitors. With these principles in mind, the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (the “CAB”), through its appointed Design Review Committee (the “DRC”), reviews and determines the acceptability of proposed changes to the exterior of your home or on your lot.

Any change to the exterior of the home or on the lot must be submitted to the Sterling Ranch Design Review Committee (“DRC”), and approval obtained before any work is started.


You can submit applications for home improvements digitally via
  • Design Review Committee (DRC) meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Applications and forms can be downloaded below.
  • Completed applications must be received via by end of business day on the Friday prior to a DRC meeting to be reviewed at that meeting. If it is not received by end of business day on the Friday before the meeting, it will be put on the following meeting’s agenda.
  • If a fee is required, please drop off a physical check made out to "Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board" along with a copy of your application to at the Resident Resource Center, 8220 Piney River Avenue, Littleton, CO 80125.


- The DRC meets twice per month during the months of March through September, and once per month during October through February.

- The DRC has up to 30 days to review a submittal from the date it was RECEIVED by the committee.

- If you have NOT been notified, in writing, by the 31st day after the receipt date, the submittal is deemed to be DENIED. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to contact the DRC to determine the status of the submittal.

There are consequences for failure to obtain DRC approval before making changes to the exterior of your home or lot, and for not adhering to approved plans. This includes, but is not limited to, fines, removal of unapproved materials, and/or legal actions.


To contact a representative of the CAB to discuss the design review process further, please visit or call the Sterling Ranch Resident Resource Center.

8220 Piney River Avenue

Littleton, CO 80125

Phone: 720-661-9694