Group Fitness Calendar 2021

Fitness classes are finally here! The Overlook would like to welcome our two certified fitness instructors to the clubhouse. They will both be offering a variety of classes for you to enjoy throughout the year.

Class Pricing Options:
Drop-In Class: $15.00 per person
Punch Cards: Punch cards are valid for the duration of 2021 and can be shared among household members. Punch cards are valid for all group fitness classes offered at the clubhouse.
  • 5 Classes: $60.00
  • 10 Classes: $100.00
  • 20 Classes: $160.00
Visit The Overlook Clubhouse to purchase a fitness punch card or drop-in for a class!
Class Reservations:
In order to be compliant with our Douglas County 5-Star rating, reservations are required for all fitness classes. To make a reservation, please visit one of the links below!

Meet the Instructors!


Heather Sajowitz, Yoga

A resident of Sterling Ranch, Heather is a RYT-200 certified Yoga instructor and a Colorado native. Her yoga practice draws inspiration from the Rocky Mountain culture that aspires to uplift and promote well-being for her students. She specializes in taking a holistic approach, integrating breathwork and meditation, while cultivating a supportive environment that allows advanced students to deepen their practice and beginner students a place to grow. IG: @Yoga_Mountain_Girl 


Ish Johnson, HIIT

Ishimine (or Ish) Grew up on the west coast (LA & Washington State) spending all her time there dedicated to school & sports. Her sports background includes 12 years in basketball, five in a hip hop dance academy, & four as a cheerleader.

In 2011 Ish joined the Military, moved to Florida, and was gratefully blessed to land a Job doing the Fitness administrations for the Air Force. This sparked an even deeper passion in all aspects wanting to help others become better at living a healthier lifestyle. The military taught her the importance of being fit for duty, is being fit for life. You must always be ready. 

In 2014, she took a challenge to learn more in becoming stronger and eating a balanced nutritional lifestyle. Hiring a coach & putting all of her time into bikini bodybuilding. She firmly believes this to be one of the best decisions in life she could have EVER made. Stepping up to the plate, listening & learning just about the body and how it works’s like science. 

Currently, Ish is now a 6x National Bikini competitor and proudly coached herself in 2017 to walk on one of the highest looked upon stages. Competing in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s show, she was able to bring her best self.  

At present, Ish is still in the Air Force and plans to retire. In addition, she plans on more bikini bodybuilding in the future, as well as becoming a Strength & conditioning coach. On top of that loves gaining as much knowledge as possible within the industry only to help herself help others. 

Ish is here to help you gain strength, endurance & assist you in accomplishing things you never thought you were capable of.