5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

This Earth Day, we may be celebrating differently, but we can still celebrate none-the-less! Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day with your family:

  1. Have a No TV Day – Encourage more time in the fresh air. Plan a family picnic in your backyard, go for a walk or plan some outdoor games. Think about making it a weekly family tradition!
  2. Use a Reusable Water Bottle – The U.S. alone consumes more than 50 billion plastic water bottles annually. Get rid of plastic cups and bottles around the house and replace it with a reusable bottle!
  3. Plant a Seed – Your kitchen is full of tasty seeds! Many dried beans and grains will sprout under the right conditions. What dried seeds does your family have in the kitchen? Which ones do you think will sprout? Set up a seed experiment as a family and see what will sprout.
  4. Transform Trash to Treasure – Using a variety of recyclable items such as milk cartons, toilet paper, and paper towel rolls, egg cartons and more. Challenge your creativity to come up with new inventions and art projects with the materials.
  5. Clean up the community – Go on a walk around the community, and pick up any trash or debris you may see! We can all do our part to limit litter and garbage we see.


Apr 22 2020


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