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Sterling Ranch is located in the Chatfield Basin in northwest Douglas County and is bordered to the north by Chatfield State Park, to the east by Santa Fe Drive, to the west Hogback Ridge and to the south by Roxborough Village. The property within Sterling Ranch is intended to be included into one of seven metropolitan districts, known as the Sterling Ranch Colorado Metropolitan District Nos. 1 - 7. The Community Authority Board Establishment Agreement (CABEA) formed the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (CAB). The CAB performs all functions for the Districts and communities, including, but not limited to, retail water and sewer services. The CAB is controlled by an eleven (11) member board of directors. District No. 1 has the right to appoint representatives to fill five (5) of the board sets and each of the Districts, Nos. 2-7, have the right to appoint representatives to fill one (1) board seat.

It is the intent of the Districts that public improvements be owned operated and/or maintained by the CAB. The CAB shall furnish, operate and plan for the public improvements to which each District shall transfer certain revenues received by it in order to fund the actual operation and maintenance costs and actual capital costs of the public improvements.

Sterling Ranch will have a long lasting and positive impact on the character, property and sales tax base, employment base, and public health and safety of the surrounding neighborhoods. The use of the CAB and/or the Districts to finance, acquire, construct, complete, operate and maintain the improvements will assure the provision of requisite public infrastructure and other attractive public amenities.


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