On Saturday you received information regarding the maintenance of the Drinking Water Distribution System. This is a temporary maintenance action. This flush began November 17, 2020 and will continue through January 8, 2020.

A community-wide flush of the system will begin today Monday, December 7, 2020. Flushing will begin at the north end of the community and continue inward towards the south. Please move all trash cans out of the street and onto the sidewalk for pickup so the water from the flushing does not carry them away.

Please note that the water is safe to drink and use normally. If you have discoloration in your home, the best way to resolve the concern is to run water through the bathtub until the discoloration is gone.

Please submit questions or concerns regarding water to CAB info@SterlingRanchCAB.com. This is the official and monitored method of communication with CAB.

Review the RWSD Water Information here.