This community has a wealth of knowledge and experience that lies within its resident body! Do you have a particular skillset that will help propel the Sterling Ranch Community on its path to success? Do you have time to dedicate your skills for the betterment of Sterling Ranch as a whole? If the answer is yes to these questions, we invite you to be a part of one of two new CAB Committees here at Sterling Ranch! The descriptions of the Committees are as follows:

Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) - This committee will be an advisory committee to the CAB and only work on topics referred by the Board. Topics may include landscape maintenance, safety, events, and activities, CAB policies, budgeting , aesthetics of CAB owned or maintained property and other special projects (Resolution Formation of Resident Advisory Committee). This Committee will be a 3-7 person Committee as determined by the CAB.

Enforcement Committee (EC) – This committee shall be responsible for the ministerial administration and enforcement of the Documents. The CAB managing agent shall perform the tasks of Inspecting Lots, preparing correspondence regarding alleged violations, and other administrative support to the Committee to assist with the Committee’s responsibilities. This Committee will hold hearings and determine whether a violation has occurred and if it has, take any enforcement action allowed by the Documents (Resolution Formation of Enforcement Committee) This Committee will be a 3-7 person Committee as determined by the CAB.

Application for a Committee:
Each candidate shall provide a resume and a statement of interest as to why he/she wants to service on the Committee. Please send resume and statement to  Call for Candidates shall conclude on July 17, 2020. CAB staff and the CAB Managing Agent shall review the submissions and may conduct interviews with qualified candidates as necessary. Not all candidates may receive an interview. CAB staff and the CAB Managing Agent may make a recommendation for appointments to the Board. The Board shall make all committee appointments.