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Report a Water Concern

  1. Enter the date your closed on your home.
  2. Please list the name of the home builder who built your home.
  3. Nature of Your Concern
    Water issues can be varied, please be as specific as possible when answering the questions below.
  4. Water Discoloration*
  5. Please best describe the odor of your water. List any unusual odors (chlorine, etc). Enter in "not applicable" if you water does not have an unusual odor.
  6. If your water has an unusual taste, please provide a description here. (Ex: metallic, chemical, dirt, etc.)
  7. Please answer YES or NO. If YES, please best describe the particles that you see.
  8. Please answer YES or NO. If YES, please best describe when the concern occurred previously.
  9. Where are you noticing the water concerns?*
    Please select all that apply.
  10. Hot Water and Humidifier Concerns
    If your concerns are with your hot water heater or humidifier please answer the following questions.
  11. Answer if applicable.
  12. Please upload relevant photos of your concern if applicable.
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