2021 Rule Changes

The CAB Board of Directors reviewed 2021 rule change recommendations brought forth from staff, the Design Review Committee, the Resident Advisory Committee, and the Community Standards Committee at their December CAB Board of Directors meeting. The second reading for these rules will be held at the January 19th CAB Board of Directors meeting where it is anticipated that adjustments and approval will occur. The CAB Board would like resident review and recommendations prior to the January meeting. The rules changes included in this packet are a result of 2021 input, a 2022 full review of all rules and regulations will be initiated with staff review, homeowner input, and then Committees review for final input and recommendations to the CAB Board. That process will start later in 2022.

The process for reviewing Design Review changes spanned over five months, beginning in May with the proposed changes to the rules found in the Residential Property Owner Guidebook. These rule changes included: introduction of new rules where there were not any (i.e., dog kennels), the clean–up of existing rules, language clarifications, and last, the update of forms and processes. While the rule changes were not formally, at one sitting, approved by the Design Review Committee, the Committee discussed the need for a new rule or the need to clarify the existing rule to make it read better. Staff took those recommendations and made the changes to the rules which were then shared with the Community Standards Committee for feedback at their October meeting. The Community Standards Committee also reviewed and provided feedback to the rules where it was found most violations occur. These rules included trash cans, landscaping, and holiday décor, and a few others. 

The review of Facility Rules and Rental policies was brought to the Resident Advisory Committee beginning in August and concluded in October. The Committee heard from staff and residents (via responses from the online form) which either provided changes to the rules or left them as is. The recommendations from each Committee were then compiled onto one document and sent to CAB counsel for review.

The agendas for each committee were posted and the meetings were opened to the public. The Online form for residents to provide their feedback was advertised through the weekly updates. Access to the form was left open for three weeks, providing residents with ample response time if they would like to comment. 

Please click on the following links for access to the 2021 rule changes and the online feedback form. To participate, once you have reviewed the rule changes, please use the online feedback form to submit your input (both agreement and disagreement are encouraged). For feedback to be presented for consideration, please complete the online feedback form no later than noon on Friday, January 14, 2022. 

Should you have any questions regarding the proposed rule changes, please contact me at sue.santos@sterlingranchcab.com. We appreciate your participation in this process!