Help Sterling Ranch Reduce Our Energy Footprint!

Help Sterling Ranch lead the way to a sustainable energy future

Sterling Ranch is working hard to positively impact our planet by reducing its carbon footprint, without negatively impacting our residents or the cost of housing.

Introducing Sterling Ranch’s Energy Action Plan

Our path towards carbon neutrality is outlined in a progressive Energy Action Plan, developed through Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program. The plan, finalized in 2020, outlines strategies and programs to help us achieve two critical energy milestones:
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2030
  • Carbon neutral energy supply by 2040*
In cooperation with our residents and new home builders, here’s how we’ll get there:
  • Residential Efficiency & Behavior Change: Reduce total energy use by connecting residents with educational opportunities and Xcel Energy programs and rebates to encourage and educate them on how to reduce their energy waste to get even more efficiency out of their already energy-efficient homes.
  • Residential New Construction: Connect home builders with the information they need to build the most efficient, technology-ready homes by using Xcel Energy incentives which make it affordable to do so.
  • Residential Renewables & Solar Development: Through our new Solar Made Simple program or the purchase of renewable offsets geared towards avoiding or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are making it easier for all Sterling Ranch residents to renewably power their homes.

Attention Residents: Get Involved! Reducing your energy footprint will help your entire community!

Sterling Ranch homes are already built to be extremely energy efficient, but that’s only part of the equation. For a home to truly be energy efficient, homeowners must practice energy efficient behavior. Consider taking one or more of these steps in your home:
  • Enroll in our Energy Crash Course monthly email education program! Each email takes a deep dive into a different residential energy topic every month for a year, making it easy for Sterling Ranch residents to learn how they can take part in the Energy Action Plan. Learn More Here
  • Look out for upcoming homeowners’ courses from the CAB and Partners in Energy to learn about how you can maximize the efficiency of your home
  • Download the Copper Labs app and dial-in your smart home automation to reduce energy wasted on lighting, heating, and air conditioning
  • Participate in Xcel Energy programs, like Saver’s Switch®, to reduce peak energy demand in the summer by allowing Xcel Energy to cycle your air conditioner off and on for short 15-20 minute intervals, usually just for a few days per season. You'll get a $40 credit on your October electric bill every year you participate.
  • How low can you go? Challenge yourself by incorporating three energy-saving tips suggested by Xcel Energy here.
  • Ready to automate your energy savings? Check out the Xcel Energy Store for automated power strips, smart thermostats, adjustable low-flow shower heads and more, and save instantly!
Once you’ve maximized your efficiency, consider taking the next step and explore your renewable energy options:
  • Net Energy Metering allows you to get a monthly bill credit for any extra electricity you generate. All solar customers receive net-metering benefits, and in most cases, the solar developer or installer will submit an application on your behalf and manage the details of your project directly with Xcel Energy. To get connected with a solar provider, contact Sterling Ranch’s Technology Provider, Lumiere.
  • If solar is not for you, consider a renewable energy subscription program to offset your energy use – like Windsource®, which allows you to power your home with 100% Colorado wind for just $1.50 per 100 kWh block. Check out your monthly electricity usage on your Xcel Energy bill to see how little it would take to power your home with 100% renewable electricity. These programs positively contribute to Sterling Ranch’s carbon neutral energy goals too.
  • Looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV)? Visit to learn more find an electric or hybrid car that will suit your needs, identify incentives, find qualified dealers, and even learn about charging!

What’s on the Horizon

Over the next several months, we will implement Phase 1 of the Energy Action Plan. What can you expect? Look out for lots of communication, including key information about ways you can help support our community’s journey towards a sustainable energy future. Learn more about the Xcel Energy Partners in Energy program here.


Stated goals are a part of the Energy Action Plan Sterling Ranch is currently in the process of implementing. The data, projections, goals, and other information contained in this Energy Action Plan and Appendices are for general educational and informational purposes only. This information is provided in good faith; however, actual results will vary. Sterling Ranch Development Company, Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, their affiliates, and anyone associated with this Energy Action Plan do not make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information. The plans and goals in this Energy Action Plan are dependent on several assumptions and other factors, many of which are outside of Sterling Ranch’s control, and therefore are aspirational only. There are no guarantees that the plans and goals in this Energy Action Plan will be achieved. This Energy Action Plan does not create any binding commitment on Sterling Ranch Development Company, Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, their affiliates, or anyone associated with this Energy Action Plan, which may be modified or terminated at any time.