Construction Prequalification

Effective February 17, 2021, all construction contracts in the amount of $250,000 or more will require bidding contractors or joint ventures to be prequalified to bid the work. Prequalification must occur prior to bidding and the determination of whether a contractor is prequalified for the type of project will be made by the CAB Construction Committee. Due to the Construction Committee schedule, contractors are encouraged to apply for prequalification well in advance of an upcoming bid. Prequalified contractors may receive advance notice of upcoming projects so they can determine whether to reserve capacity for the project, but they may not receive project documents prior to the project being published for bid.

Sterling Ranch CAB looks forward to working with a variety of construction contractors and is excited to launch the prequalification process. To start the prequalification process, please begin by reading the attached Prequalification Rules and gathering the required documentation. When you are ready to apply, please complete the appropriate application form below. Should you have questions about the prequalification process, please contact the District Administrator at

Contractor's Prequalification Documents