Community Parks

Providence Village

Providence Regional Park

Located on the east side of the Overlook Clubhouse, Providence Regional Park is a beautiful open space that will eventually offer miles of hard and soft trails and educational wildlife viewing. As part of the wildlife corridor, you will often see a herd of elk, families of deer, and local birds passing through. 

Providence Park

The hub of community events and programs, Providence Park's large, flat green space is the ideal venue for community gatherings. Conveniently located across the street from the Sterling Center and at the entrance of Providence Village, you will often see residents walking or biking, families enjoying an outdoor picnic, an outdoor fitness class, or an outdoor concert. During the summer, Spring, Summer, and Fall months, there is always something happening here. 

Steve Bloom Park

Right off of the green belt owned by Denver Water, Steve Bloom Park is a place residents go to enjoy peace and quiet. Visitors can enjoy local birding, beautiful natural landscaping, and a serene environment. 

Pat Gallagher Park

One of the many feature parks in Providence village and especially of the style that is of ample size yet also blended into a main area of residences. Located on Eagle River Loop off of the main thoroughfare, Eagle River Street. 

McCormick Park

Located on Palmer Lake Avenue, this park is of a style and location that is entirely emblematic of the land use here. Flowing, contoured, thoughtful. It combines the function and curvature of a roundabout with maximized, ample space in the center. The park is pleasantly designed for recreation and relaxation and includes a playground structure. 

Pioneer Park

Nestled among residences on Arapahoe Peak Street, Pioneer Park is the perfect place for play and recreation. Named after Sterling Ranch's "pioneer" residents, this park includes a large grassy area and a playground structure. You will see children playing, with parents watching from the front step or driveway, or neighbors gathering at the park shelter in warm weather. 

Horseshoe Bend Park

For all bocce ball lovers, Horseshoe Bend Park is home to two bocce ball courts, outdoor charcoal grills, and two park shelters. Located in Filing 2 of Providence Village off of Horsebrush Lane and Merino Circle, the park sits amongst residences and is easily accessible to walk or bike using the trail system. 

Future Parks

Burns Park

Fun and fresh park spaces & greens punctuate the open space corridors throughout Ascent Village. 

Sterling Gulch Wildlife Corridor - Ascent Village

Spanning 300’ wide at its narrowest point, the Sterling Gulch Wildlife Corridor will weave through Ascent Village, connecting Providence Regional Park to the north with a larger contiguous open space to the south. It will be home to a native high plains prairie landscape and will include a grade-separated wildlife crossing underneath Waterton Road. The corridor will simultaneously balance stormwater management, residential development, and safe passage for wildlife that find their way into the corridor.

Cultural Trail - Ascent Village

Between the north and southbound lanes of Middle Fork Street, a typical street median suddenly widens and transforms into an unexpected open space resource facilitating physical, social, and cultural connections within Ascent Village. A trail through the center of the open space provides a vital physical connection to the larger regional trail system at Sterling Ranch. Meet some friends at the trail-head for a hike; reflect on the local art exhibits periodically staged along the trail, or just hang out and relax with a social group at one of the amenity nodes along the way. The connections are yours to discover at Ascent Village. Amenity Nodes stationed along the Cultural Trail within the Middle Fork Street Open Space provide seating, gathering space, and other social opportunities such as bocce ball and bag-toss games. Grill out or enjoy a picnic while you await your turn to play. Stop and chat with some neighbors while on your morning walk or schedule a time to meet with your social group in this amazingly flexible space.