Understanding Your Water Bill

Sterling Ranch residents are automatically set up for water and sewer service after closing on their homes. Residents receive their water and sewer bills in the mail monthly and are billed in arrears. American Conservation and Billing Solutions ( AmCoBi) administer the monthly water bill each month. Sterling Ranch uses a tiered water rate structure for billing. This tiered water rate structure encourages water-smart usage both inside and out. The more water you use, the progressively higher rate you pay. View the tiered water rates below. 

CAB Fees 2022 (9)

Payment Options:

Please register your account through Utility Hawk (https://srcab.utilityhawk.us) or through the AmCoBi website:

  1. Point your Web browser to: www.AmCoBi.com
  2.  Select the “Pay Online” link on the home page.
  3.  Follow the instructions.

Your online account allows you to choose the best payment options for you, check your account balance and activity, and elect to receive your water bill electronically (eBill).

AmCoBi's ePay service allows you to pay your bill online with an automatic withdrawal from your checking/savings account (ACH) free of charge. You can also use a debit or credit card with a processing fee of 2.95%, charged by Paymentus, the payment processing provider.