State Parks Pass

Obtain a Pass

In 2023 the State of Colorado will be including State Park Passes on every vehicle registration unless the vehicle owner opts out. To continue to ensure our residents have access to State Parks, the CAB will be crediting households for the cost of one park pass paid for through this new state program instead of distributing vouchers. 

Every closed home in Sterling Ranch will receive credit for ONE park pass (RENEWABLE EACH YEAR) to access the 42 Colorado State Parks through the vehicle registration process. To obtain your household credit, please follow the instructions listed below. Park passes are credited to households. One pass will be credited per household.

Instructions for New Owners or Owners from Out of State (during the 2023 transition period)

  1. Please complete the Park Pass Application
  2. Bring your Application to the Overlook Clubhouse.
  3. Please bring proof of Sterling Ranch address to receive a voucher initially  (closing documents, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.)
  4. Take your voucher to any state park office to redeem the annual pass to install in your vehicle. 

Instructions for Obtaining your Credit

Owners complete the Park Pass Reimbursement Form to submit the appropriate documentation to receive credit for their annual state park pass.

  1. Complete demographic information
  2. Upload a copy of paid new or renewal vehicle registration
    1. Must have the Sterling Ranch address listed for existing owners; new owners must submit a Park Pass Agreement, which verifies residency. 
    2. Registration must show the park pass as paid, not opted out. 

Additional Passes

Please note each household gets ONE state park pass credit. Additional passes for additional vehicles can be purchased through the vehicle registration process and will not be credited back by the CAB.

If you sell your vehicle before your park pass expires, you will need to contact the state park department for replacement.

State Park Office

13787 U.S. Highway 85
 Littleton, CO 80125