Snow Removal

Snow removal is a joint effort. Douglas County handles the public roadways throughout the community. The Community Authority Board (CAB) removes snow in common areas, trails, shared drives, and alley areas. Homeowners are responsible for snow removal from their sidewalks and driveways.


Snow removal is handled by priority when the accumulation reaches the required threshold for service. 

  • Priority 1- The Overlook Clubhouse, CAB offices parking lots. 
  • Priority 2- Shared Drives, Alleys, and Mail Kiosks
  • Priority 3- Peripheral sidewalks, parks, and areas with streets but no homes.

Ice melt/sand will be applied throughout the community in areas as needed for resident safety.

Minimum Threshold for Service by Area

  • Overlook Clubhouse - zero tolerance
  • Sidewalks - 2" threshold
  • Mail Kiosks - 2" threshold for priority removal. 
  • Shared Drives - 2" threshold
  • Alley Areas - 4" threshold
  • Regional Trails - 4" threshold

*Motor Courts will only be serviced by the CAB with a single plow pass when Douglas County enters its Priority Tier 3 or when the community reaches a 7" trigger.

Please contact your HOA Management Company for service questions or issues. 

  • Trucks will use rubber blades in all shared driveway areas.
  • Snow will be pushed to curb stops or pulled from drives when possible.  Crews will use shovels to move snow over the curb stop when possible in an effort to keep the front entryways clear.
  • Snow markers are installed in alleys and shared drives to create the broadest possible passing lanes.
  • Snow Hauling from shared driveway cutouts will occur on a case-by-case basis depending upon the amount of snow piled.

When a snowstorm is predicted, please help make snow plowing easier by:

  • No parking in back-out areas at the end of the driveways. The back-out areas are designated as NO parking areas.
  • Removing vehicles from shared driveways, alleys, and motor courts. Storing extended downspouts in the upright position.


Douglas County is responsible for snow removal on all public roads. Douglas County clears all roadways according to priority until conditions are safe for travel. The County only provides a single, passable lane down the middle of each street. Cul-de-sacs and some local streets may not be plowed if accumulations are minor, and snow is expected to melt over the following 24 hours. Exceptions are made if the roads have hills or curves that may become icy and hazardous to traffic.

For questions or concerns related to the areas of Douglas County, please use the contact information below.


Subdivision streets are not plowed if parked vehicles or other obstructions interfere with the safe and continuous operation of snow removal equipment. When a snowstorm is in the forecast, residents are advised to move vehicles off the street if a snowstorm is forecast to allow safe access by snowplows.


Snow and ice on sidewalks create a dangerous situation for all ages, especially for children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities who are more susceptible to injury. For these reasons, Douglas County Ordinance O-007-003 requires property owners in unincorporated Douglas County to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after it stops snowing.

Direct all concerns on the homeowner responsible areas to Douglas County.

Snow Placement

Place all snow removed from sidewalks and driveways on your adjacent landscaped areas. This practice benefits the vegetation, reduces the amount of runoff, and helps manage the snow and ice in the street.

Please do not place snow in the street. Doing so results in larger snow windrows in front of your home created by snowplows. Additionally, piles of snow in the gutter area interfere with drainage and result in buildups of ice in the gutter and on the sidewalk.

Vehicle Placement

When a snowstorm is predicted, remove your vehicle from the streets. During a winter storm, automobiles and other vehicles left parked on County streets, and roads make it difficult for snowplows to remove snow and ice.


If you have trouble shoveling your sidewalks and driveways, we like to offer our Sterling Ranch Snow Angels help! If you are in need of help shoveling, please email Kelsey at with your name and address.


We are always looking for volunteers who can be called upon to help residents who cannot shovel their sidewalks and driveways after a snowstorm. If you want to become a Snow Angel, please get in touch with Kelsey at to volunteer.