Quarterly Fees

About Your CAB Quarterly Fees

Property Taxes paid to the District provide funding for the CAB.  However, there are some services provided by the CAB that are billed to the residents. These services include stormwater, trash and recycling, streetlights, and driveway maintenance (Lennar Elements homes only). CAB Service Fees are billed quarterly and administered by CCMC.

Quarterly Fees

Fees are reflective of the 2021 rates.

  • Stormwater:
    • Single Family Detached: $48.15
    • Single Family Attached/Multifamily: $44.85
  • Streetlights: $25.68
  • Trash & Recycling: $40.95
  • Driveway Maintenance: $48.00 (Lennar Elements only)


For questions about your account and general assistance, please contact CCMC billing services at 866-244-2262 or the Resident Services team at the Resident Resource Center (contact options on the right toolbar).