Annual Caregiver Pass

Understanding that many households have caregivers that provide services for members of the household, each household can purchase an annual caregiver pass. Caregivers using the pass must be with the person they are giving care to when using the facility. One caregiver membership card will be issued per household, a list of approved caregivers must be provided. One caregiver can use the pass at each visit. 


$300 per calendar year, no prorations permitted.

Steps to Obtain an Annual Caregiver Pass

  1. Complete the Annual Caregiver Pass Form
  2. Allow 48 hours for the Resident Services Team to process your request.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from the Resident Services Team with instructions to pick up your caregiver pass. Payment will be due at pickup. Acceptable payment options include credit/debit card, check, and cash.