Resident Advisory Committee


The Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) committee will be an advisory committee to the CAB and only work on topics referred by the Board. Topics may include landscape maintenance, safety, events, and activities, CAB policies, budgeting, aesthetics of CAB owned or maintained property, and other special projects (Resolution Formation of Resident Advisory Committee (PDF)). This Committee will be a 3 to 7 person Committee as determined by the CAB.


RAC Meetings are held at the Overlook Clubhouse (7853 Piney River Avenue).  Meetings are open to the public.

Committee Members

  • Tyson Hellmich, Chair
  • Hana Renstrom, Vice Chair
  • Tamara Burt, Secretary
  • Sam Johnson
  • Steve Sherman
  • Alex Taylor, Alternate
  • Sue Santos (Staff Liaison)
  • Jeanette Reynolds (Staff Liaison)